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Release 1.5.4 When we redesigned the whole app!

This week, we’re bringing you a very special release: we are introducing a completely new design.

Trunkshow 1.5.4 What's New:


  • Nothing big, we just redesigned the whole app. 😱 We hope you love it! 🥰

  • Pages with old collections now have an image preview! 🌆

  • We added a "Notify me" button. Now you can leave us your contact number and receive updates about every item from a collection! 🛎

  • Ooh, and we’ve fixed that annoying problem with pictures, they are uploading faster. Much faster. 🐌👉🚀

  • More brands joined our app.👍 Isn’t that wonderful? 

  • Also, we worked on this release from home. Nothing new about working from home. But being locked at home with kids is definitely a new experience for some of us! 🤯😂

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