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Our mission is to find and build the most innovative avenue to shop for clothing, to help everyone become a more conscious shopper, and to make our contribution to sustainability. We choose to influence the future.


build a platform for conscious shopping


empower efficient production to enable better prices


partner to build a sustainable fashion industry


advocate a new consumption lifestyle


Can the fashion industry be sustainable? Or is it just a trendy topic for brands to market? We are sharing our thoughts on our blog!

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And these are the promises that we make not just to others but ourselves first:

Advocate Conscious Shopping

We promise to build, develop, and maintain a platform that allows fashion shopping in the most conscious manner. We are advocates for responsible consumption, and we promise to communicate our values to our community.

Reduce Fashion Waste

We reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry by using fashion waste and facilitating recycling. And we do everything possible to help all our partners make the right choices and help their business have a positive ecological footprint.

Bring Fair Prices

We strive to be creative to ensure that in the effort to connect customers with fashion designers we are financially responsible. We optimize and operate efficiently and bring fair prices to our customers.

To Be In This Together

A better future is a team effort. We are in this together and we know we can't do this alone. We always choose to work with companies who support our values. And we recognize, support and encourage every partner who is helping to make fashion industry sustainable.

We're not perfect, and we don't pretend to be. We remain genuine to our brand, mission, and values. And we will be always honest and transparent.

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