What does TRUNKSHOW do? Is TRUNKSHOW the name of the company?
We do trunk shows through the app and we call it the TRUNKSHOW app.

What is a trunk show? I’ve never heard such a word. What does it mean?
A trunk show describes an event when a brand or designer is showing its collection to buyers and customers. This originated back when sales representatives were traveling with big trunks to carry items and representing new collections.

Is UNMODE an online store?
We are not. You can buy clothing and accessories through us, but we don’t carry items. We organize trunk shows, place your pre-orders with designers, and ship them to you.  


Do you organize digital trunk shows?
We do both digital and live trunk shows.

How do I place a pre-order with the UNMODE app?
It’s simple. Download the app. On the app, check out trunk shows from current designers who accept pre-orders for their new collections. Choose your items. Pick to pay upfront or pay only 50% upfront and the rest when your order is ready. Now your pre-order has been placed. It will be delivered as soon as the the new collections are produced. It’s as simple as that. For more information, read about how to shop trunk shows.

Are items that I order on UNMODE custom made?
Anything that you order through the UNMODE app will be made just for you. Some designers are able to produce bespoke items, so you want to check under each item information on how it will be produced.

Can I buy items I see on the UNMODE app somewhere else? I need it sooner.
Unfortunately, you can’t. Items on the app are not yet available at any store. But please contact us through chat to see if we can help you. Sometimes our team does magic!


Which measurement charts are you using?
It’s our own UNMODE measurement chart. We don’t use any standard charts. We worked with designers individually to examine their measurement system and created a universal system for your convenience

How can I find my size?
In your profile settings, you can fill out your measurements and we will calculate and suggest your perfect size.

How is your UNMODE size chart different from typical country measurement sizes?
We do not recommend comparing our chart to standard country charts. The best way to find your size is to fill out your measurements in your personal profile in the app and use the suggested size.

How can I ensure that my measurements are correct?
We’ve created a guide that should help you take correct measurements of yourself.



Do you offer worldwide delivery?
Yes we offer free delivery in any location around the Earth.

Do you deliver to Mars?
Mars and the Moon are the only places that we don’t deliver yet. We’ve just never been asked to :).

How can I calculate the cost of delivery to my place?
No need. We offer free worldwide delivery.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?
We use express shipping to deliver every order. The time may vary depending on your location. However, it takes some time for designers to produce your order. Every item page has information as to how long it takes to produce it and deliver it to you. That time may vary from a few weeks to a couple months. Once you place an order, we send you the arrival date and constant updates on the progress.


Can I return an item if I don’t like how it looks on me?
Yes, you can.  We list the return policy for each item on the item page and for the majority of items we allow for returns when they don’t fit or flatter you.

If I change my mind, can I return the item?

Every item that your order through the UNMODE app was made just for you. That is why we allow returns only if item doesn’t fit or flatter you. Please see the list of allowable reasons for returns on our TERMS AND POLICY PAGE.

How can I submit a return?
Go to the my orders menu on the app. Submit the item for return (it’s very intuitive). Then place the item and all packaging back into the box. Seal it. Attach a new label over the old one and drop off the item at the carrier.




How can I be invited to a live trunk show?
Just download the app and an invitation will be delivered to your inbox!

Are you sending invitations to runway shows during fashion week? Can I be invited to one?
Yes we do. While it’s up to the designer to decide who they want to have as a guest for the runway shows, everyone can receive an invitation to the showroom and re-see event.

Where do the live trunk shows take place?
They can take place anywhere around the world: in fashion capitals, in our showrooms during fashion week, or any other event space. When invited, the invitation will be sent directly to your app with the date and location address.


Do items on UNMODE ever go on sale?
We don’t have sales and we never will have them. We are determined to help designers establish fair prices by reducing unnecessary expenses that they currently have while making their way to the market.

Do you have affiliate programs for influencers?
We think everyone who gives a tip to a friend deserves a reward. We reward every user of our app who gives style advice, including those who have thousands or millions of friends! Everyone!

Do you have a reward program?
Yes we do, and it goes beyond points for purchases: invitations to special events, runway shoes, behind the scenes access to fashion industry magic. Learn more.


How do you contribute to sustainability?
By accepting pre-orders on behalf of designers, we are able to help them more accurately measure demand and prevent over-manufacturing. Clothes are produced only after they are ordered. We also help designers find sustainable materials and production methods. And lastly, we inform you about what the brand does in regards to sustainability, so you can support them! Learn more about our efforts!

Are you working with only sustainable brands?
Unfortunately, the fashion industry has a long way to go until we can offer a great selection of sustainable brands. But we are working on it every day, informing you about each brand’s efforts, and helping brands take steps on the path to an ethical fashion business.